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Our company’s main focus is to deliver an extensive range of high quality & safe products specializing in children jewelry. We thrive to put tremendous amount of time and effort in making continuous quality improvement & creative designs every day since our children and all children deserve the best products possible in this world.  We wanted an ideal; not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, comfortable and affordable products that everyone would love. We believe all children deserve the best we can create for them.   Not only it is important to create fine and delicate jewelry, utilizing “honest & health-conscious” raw materials for all of our products is upmost priority which differentiates Lovearing from other competitors. Unlike other jewelries, earrings are penetrated into human body. Any and all materials that are used in body piercing must necessarily be biologically inert. This means that they should be non-reactive and be compatible to the human body (non-allergic reactions). Our company is proud to use only the safest materials available because we believe our customers have the right to enjoy “Honest” products and “Honest” products “only”.   To ensure that our products meet the strict quality levels demanded by customers, Lovearing has successfully obtained certification in terms of quality control and authenticity. Our system effectively controls all crystal-clear stages in the manufacturing process, from raw material selection, through product build to packaging and distribution.   We are teamed up with a highly respected manufacturer that provides range of products of exceptionally high quality, and supported by a large team of personnel who are trained to do the highest standards, and who are all personally committed to the achievement of the group ethic of quality assurance. In this way, we believe we are able to hold our head high amongst the leading companies in the world, and play our part responsibly in working toward the environment protection of this beautiful planet on which we live in.   While we really do try our best in all regards, especially in “Honesty”, if we make a mistake or can’t live up to your expectations, please send us your comments/concerns. We’ll enlighten ourselves from your advice and try to do better, no matter what it takes.   Our goal is to relieve you of a few tasks by delivering the best children jewelry to your doorstep – to simplify your life and bring more delight to every day. Let us worry about the safety & health-conscious task. We will re-define the “children brand” and create “Honest” products that’s better for all families, everywhere. 


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